mardi 7 décembre 2010

Stories of change from the Africa Human Rights Edcuation Project

The AHRE project is making good progress in the 10 African countries involved to enable diverse individuals, groups and communities to understand and express their concerns in human rights terms; act to demand, support and defend their rights and use human rights as a tool for social change. Today, we are proud to say that from Senegal to Kenya, Togo to Sierra Leone, passing by Ghana, Mali, Benin, Uganda, Cote d'Ivoire and Burkina, thousands of rights holders are aware of the importance of human rights education for the protection and promotion of human rights.

Some Soweis (FMG practitioners) in Sierra Leone are partnering with the CBO Sabi U Right in Grafton to fighting against this harmful traditional practice by sensitizing the other soweis. Their action for now is to ban any cutting of a girl below 18. Since 2 years now, no ceremony was performed in the community of Grafton. Next step is the total banishment of the practice.

Women and Orphan movement in Zanlerigu , Northern Ghana, succeeded to abolish the barbaric habit of stripping women naked in the street as part of the ritual of widowhood. This was as a result of sensitizing, theater performance and talks they are doing at community level and targeting women, men and traditional chiefs to drop this part of the widowhood. Next fight will be halt negative widowhood rituals that made the widow to marry the brother of her defunct husband and the subsequent neglect of the children of the diseased and the untold hardships it brought to the widow.
Two Naabas (traditional chiefs), selected by the Mogho Naaba (King of the mossi people in Burkina) are fighting against women banishment for witchcraft through awareness raising using theater, public talks with their peers traditional chiefs and community members in targeted villages. As the result of their action, one Naaba brought back to his community, a woman previously banned.
Coranic teachers in
 Senegal are taught about child rights in the madrassas and through a film screening on miserable situation of child beggars, the association SOS Talibés is sensitizing them to change the situation of children in their respective madrassas. Lots of talks is going on and recently, the government took the decision to forbid begging in the streets except around the religious buildings.

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vendredi 22 octobre 2010

Annual Review and Planning meeting 2010

The AHRE national Coordinators annual review and planning took place from 5 to 7 October 2010 in Saly Senegal. During 3 days, the 10 national Coordinators, the PMT and Maneesh our colleague from LIU went through a pack program including sessions for the validation of the Mid term Review conducted by Kristin Skov-Spilling from COWI a consultant company. Please discover the album of the whole meeting in the link associated.


Du 5 au 7 Octobre, s'est tenu la réunion annuelle de Revue et Plannification du projet EDH Afrique avec la participation des 10 Coordonnateurs Nationaux, du PMT et Maneesh notre colleagues de LIU. Une occasion de mener des sessions de validation de l'évaluation à mi-parcours du projet avec Kristin Skov-Spilling de COWI un organisme de consultants. Nous vous invitons a découvrir l'album photos de toute la réunion en cliquant sur le lien associé.


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